• Background Reporting

    Background Reporting

    Data Quest’s specialized and personalized screening services provide critical support to companies, from screening applicants for hire, to profiling firms for merger or acquisition. With access to multiple databases and skilled investigators, the screening process is done quickly, accurately and inexpensively. Our investigators work closely with each client, giving depth to each report, and maintaining […]

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  • Investigations & Specialty Services

    Investigations & Specialty Services

    Data Quest’s cadre of skilled investigators are available with short notice when critical assistance is needed. Familiar with all state of the art electronics; experienced in interrogations and interviews and other investigative techniques, Data Quest can resolve mysterious cash disappearances and thefts, sexual harassment complaints, missing persons and other sensitive issues. Detailed reports are always […]

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  • Integrity Audits

    Integrity Audits

    Data Quest’s experienced “spotters” pose as anonymous customers and perform strategic cash transactions designed to detect instances of employee theft and dishonesty at the point of sale. They are trained to carefully, yet discreetly, follow the path of a sales transaction to detect policy and procedural violations. Spotters gather information in an unbiased and constructive […]

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  • Mystery Shopping

    Mystery Shopping

    Mystery Shopping is an effective and proven service, which can be used in any industry, to discreetly collect sensitive information pertaining to Quality Assurance issues and Customer Service performance. Customers need to feel welcomed, wanted and appreciated for their patronage at your business. Understanding and meeting customer expectations is critical for success. Mystery Shopping helps […]

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  • Undercover Operatives

    Undercover Operatives

    Data Quest’s investigator is hired by the client company as a regular employee. As such, the investigator gathers information that would be unavailable through any other means. The “inside” information obtained can detect instances of employee dishonesty and theft, substance abuse, harassment issues and other matters disruptive to good business and profitability. Positive information is also […]

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Data Quest, a corporate private investigations agency, provides nationwide elite information gathering, loss prevention and detection expertise to companies, attorneys and individuals nationwide. The agency is full-service and versatile, offering clients complete information gathering, loss prevention and detection expertise with the utmost sensitivity and confidentiality.

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It has been brought to our attention that a person named Thomas Novodor is falsely claiming to work for our company as part of a scam to solicit mystery shoppers. If you are a mystery shopper that has been contacted by Thomas Novodor, please be aware that this is a scam. This person is NOT affiliated with Data Quest, Ltd. in any way.